Sushi Factory San Jose CA – Better Management, Better Dining Experience!

San Jose, CA , January 2016 – Sushi Factory is proud to announce that they are going to be under a new management but will be serving the same product that everybody loves. Now with a new management the food will surely be better tasting because they want to give a new experience and satisfaction when it comes to Japanese food that everyone enjoys. With a new administration, Sushi Factory in San Jose CA will be bringing a new adventure with food for their beloved customers. Sushi Factory will also have a new wrap for their dishes, a new look and a new dining experience of the best tasting Japanese restaurant in town.

If we are talking about food and longevity of life the Japanese are known to be among the top choices. The Japanese people has been recognized to be among those who have longer life spans and there are stipulations that it is not simply because of the theory of traditional ancient practices or secrets of potions which allow them to live longer than an average person. The real secret is their passion for labor and their very healthy eating habits. To be able to truly understand what the Japanese does for them to be able to live a strong and healthy life with their chosen diet, one must first perish the thought of pure raw food when speaking of Japanese cuisine. Even the Japanese know how to cook their food, and the way they do it is simply amazing.

Now that Sushi Factory is owned by a different group, they will surely make it more interesting for Japanese food lovers every time they dine. The fact the the restaurant is now owned by a different person means they will make the food better. Businesses nowadays need to step up with food industry and what better way to do it is to give customers an excellent experience once they step inside the establishment. Sushi Factory makes it sure that the food customers dine will be worth their money and no doubt that customers will be coming back again and again.

About Sushi Factory:

Sushi factory has many years of experience of made to order all you can eat, recently we add a lot of special items to our all you can eat menu to satisfy everyone’s taste bud. At Sushi Factory, chefs slice and dice fish, meat, and veggies for a total of nearly 100 different menu items, crafting each visually enticing dish on a made-to-order basis. Meanwhile, the Godzilla roll stomps taste buds with yellow-tailed maki deep-fried in spicy sauce—a fusion that has made it one of Sushi Factory’s most popular dishes. Other Japanese specialties, such as chicken teriyaki and beef short ribs, round out the menu, and daily specials at both Sushi Factory locations keep bellies and pockets equally full.

Contact Information:
4632 Meridian Ave,
San Jose, CA 95124
(408) 723-2598